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Vocational education and training in Austria

This section comprises reports, brochures, presentations and service materials on the Austrian education system as well as on apprenticeship training in Austria, both in German and in English (some also in other languages).

Education system

  • The Austrian Education System

    Schematic diagram and brief description in German and 20 foreign languages

  • The Austrian VET System (2016)

    Slide set on the most important facts about the Austrian VET System
    (German || English)

  • VET in Europe – Country Report Austria (2014)

    Overview of the Austrian VET system - report in the framework of the ReferNet
    (German || English)

  • Vocational training policy in Austria. Report on the Copenhagen Process 2002 – 2010 (2010)

    A bridge to the future: European VET policy 2002-2010
    (German || English)

  • VET in Austria (2006)

    Short description of the VET system at the Austrian Presidency
    (German || English || French)

  • Spotlight on VET Austria (2006)

    Flyer with important information about the Austrian VET system, published on the occasion of the Austrian Presidency
    (German || English || French)

  • Key criteria in the education German-English (2014)

    English translations of important concepts from different areas of (vocational) education

Apprenticeship training

  • Apprenticeship (2012)

    Information brochure of the Austrian apprenticeship
    (German || English || French)

  • The dual training in Austria (2016)

    Slides with the most important facts about the dual training in Austria
    (German || English)

  • Pro Dual – Improving through Benchmarking (2009)

    Information about the application phase, the actual training as well as to the effectiveness or for the benefit of the Austrian apprenticeship
    (German || English)

  • Teaching profession descriptions German-English (2012)

    Professional profiles of all apprenticeships in English

  • Teaching job titles German-English (2012)

    Names of all Austrian apprenticeships in English

  • Apprenticeships in Austria (2012)

    Comprehensive overview of all Austrian apprenticeships


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